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    Aireal-Photo-of-1075-N-Ronald-ReaganGetSome Products LLC is a family owned and operated manufacturing company that ALWAYS values our customers. Our goal is to engineer and develop high quality American made products that will give back to the customer much more in value than what they paid for our products. Our story is one with humble beginnings. Our father, Ernie Hutto began manufacturing multipurpose lubricants and industrial products over 35 years ago. He started with one dealer and grew the business into a national company before he sold the company and retired around 1998. After many years his two sons, Shaw and Shannon Hutto, began working with him. They wanted to offer value added, high quality, American made, environmentally friendly products to a market that was crying out for such products. They began to research, engineer, and formulate these products, designing them with 21st Century additives that would be superior to other products on the market. They realized that 95% of multi-purpose spray lubricants on the market today are petroleum based, and they make terrible lubricants because they were not designed to be lubricants, but Water Displacers. Getsome Products wanted a product that would meet the concerns of consumers today and exceed their expectations. To do this, it had to be non-toxic, environmentally friendly, long lasting, multi-purpose and most important of all, IT HAD TO WORK.

    After 18 months of research, development and testing we believe GETSOME1000-General Purpose Lubricant will meet and exceed the expectations of today’s most demanding consumer and professional.

    GetSome Products is proud to manufacturer and offer another high quality product . GETSOME XTREME is a  SUPER DUTY Anti Corrosive Lubricant and Penetrant with Heavy  Duty Anti-Corrosive Additives and Pure Lanolin.  XTREME was developed to preserve and protect against the toughest elements in extreme moisture and corrosive environments.  Use GETSOME XTREME when you need XTREME protection.

    We have also developed other products such as BATTERYADE, an electro chemical catalyst, an additive for lead acid batteries. Lead acid batteries have been around for over a hundred years, and most have died a slow death due to sulfation. BATTERYADE assist in reversing the sulfation process, which increases performance and lengthens battery life.
    We live in exciting times where consumers are trying to maximize the value of their purchases. Our goal is not to snag a new customer with fancy advertising, but to offer them a value added product that exceeds their expectations every time. GETSOME and GET IT DONE!

    Thank you for your business.