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    • Paul W. Betz

      Met you and your brother at the Orlando gun show last month. Tried a bottle of GETSOME 1000. Cleaned a stainless 45acp after 200 rounds. No brushing, squeeky clean bore with one wet patch and two dry patches, rest of the gun cleaned up easily. This week the sooty 45 Long Colt, same easy cleanup. This week also, a 40 S&W after 150 rounds, one patch wet/one patch dry, clean as a whistle. No additional lube required. This stuff works terrific, no offensive odor, non greasy, my hands cleaned up as fast as the guns. I will definitely get another bottle when I see you guys again. Feel free to use my comments to inform others of GETSOME 1000, it's a GREAT product! Thank you!

    • Mallary Herzog
      Rainy day reel maintenance. ‪#‎GETSOME‬ lube to keep those Penn Reels running smooth.
    • Capt Keith & Crew of the MAXIMUS Sportfishing
      We depend on GETSOME 1000 to keep our Accurate reels and fishing gear in top shape and ready to battle monster tuna.
    • Steven Phillips
      Getting the leg ready for another day in the Florida salty air.  I Use GETSOME 1000- it  last longer, does not stain my clothes, and does not smell.  I use it on everything- my prosthetic leg, fishing reels/tackle and guns too.
    • Ryan Kyle
      I've been servicing reels for a couple of years now with GETSOME 1000 and this is the best oil I've used, most of my reels free spool for well over a minute now. All honesty, this is the best product to service you're reels with, and it does not dry up in a couple days. I'm pretty sure it is made of leprechaun sweat or something cause this stuff is magic.
    • Miles Incley
      I regularly use GetSome 1000 on my airsoft Daytona gun to keep it in peak condition. It stands up great to the California heat and keeps the mechanisms of the DG extremely well lubricated. I've also used GS1000 for RC hobby applications, it makes for a superior replacement to the cheap, inadequate grease that comes on a lot of servos. It turned my metal gear tricopter tail servo from being scratchy and grindy to silky smooth. I also always use it to lubricate the sensitive bearings on high performance brushless motors to keep them running smoothly at maximum performance.
    • Erika Brandt
      GETSOME 1000...

      The Best Ever!
    • Capt Mat Haag
      Everybody!! GETSOME 1000 is the only lubricant you will ever need. Go GETSOME!!!
    • Treve Alan Bartlett
      Using the Getsome lubricant on my SG kept all the parts working smoothly to land this 19lb lingcod.

      GETSOME 1000 is the best I have used.
    • Matt Moyer
      Use GETSOME 1000 on you trolling motor & Electrical connections. We love GETSOME 1000 and don't leave shore without it.
    • Ryan Kyle
      When it comes to servicing my reels & my friends reels there is only one oil I use, GETSOME 1000, it is the bees knees when it comes to lubing and protecting fishing gear.
    • Erika Brandt
      I use GETSOME 1000 on all my gear... Keeping it tip top shape and I fish my shit hard! Nothing better! Haven't serviced my reels in over a year thanks to GS1000...DOPE SAUCE!
    • Brad from GAFF Magazine
      I use GETSOME 1000 to clean, lubricate and protect my weapons. GETSOME 1000 works like a champ.
    • Steven Phillips
      Gun cleaning day GETSOME
    • Capt Dan Latham
      If your not using GETSOME 1000 on your tackle your need to! This stuff saves me a ton of time and money.  Just spray your used plugs at the end of the day and throw them back in the box. No more rusty hooks that you have to replace,no more rusty tackle box and it won't harm your plugs finish. I even use it in my fly box and to clean my fly lines.
    • Jorge L.
      It was great recently meeting Shannon, the President of GetSome Products, makers of GETSOME 1000!!. After our  discussions on the product I decided to try it as my All- In-One Lube and Cleaner.  I cleaned a few of my guns and I was very satisfied with the results.  But the main test was, would this product also work to lubricate my brass??  Well, I sized over 300 pieces of 223 on my Dillon and GETSOME worked GREAT!!!  I had no issues with sizing or had any of the brass get stuck in the dies.  Also I didn't notice any odor, compared to the previous product I was using.  I will continue to use GETSOME 1000, and I am proud to support an American made product by a Veteran owned company.
    • Capt. Billy Barton/Scales N’ Tails Charters
      GETSOME works very well. I have a maintenance day on Sunday and used GETSOME all over the place on my gear and the boat. Had a few reels that were sticking. It loosened them right up as well.
    • Captain Rhett Morris
      I have been a full time professional charter captain for 20 years now. I can't brag enough about GETSOME 1000! Running weel over 350 charters a year in the Extreme Saltwater environment is very tough on all my equipment! GETSOME 1000 keeps all my stuff Protected & working the way it should when nothing else can do the job! GETSOME is a "MUST HAVE" for any angler especially in the salt water!!!
    • Steven Philliips
      GETSOME 1000 this stuff is AWESOME. I use it on my fishing gear and my prosthetic leg and brace. I have tried all other lubricants and there is nothing better on the market than GETSOME 1000. it does not stain my clothes or irritate my skin.
    • Robert AVETMAN Meyer
      I use GETSOME 1000 to insure I AM READY FOR BATTLE!