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    liebherr-marine-craneGETSOME XTREME was engineered as a SUPER DUTY Lubricant with Heavy Duty Anti-Corrosive Additives and Pure Lanolin. A Deep Penetrating formula designed for long lasting protection in extreme corrosive and wet conditions. XTREME hydraulics to places you can not reach to stop corrosion and electrolysis. XTREME does not dry out or wash off. XTREME is non-conductive, non- static, non-toxic and contains no solvents, silicons, acids or petroleum solvents. XTREME will not affect fiberglass, metal surfaces, enamels, paints, plastics, or neoprene or rubber seals. XTREME environmentally Friendly and Safe.





    Oil_platform_P-51_(Brazil)XTREME was engineered for Powerful Rust and Corrosion Protection in the harsh marine environment. XTREME is multi purpose, Super Duty and easy to apply. Use as a lubricant for increased lubricity and long term protection. Lanolin has powerful water repelling properties. Lanolin is non soluble in water. The lanolin additive in XTREME creates a thin air-tight film to effectively safe guard metals from moisture and corrosion.

    XTREME provides long term protection under harsh environmental conditions such as high humidity, water and salt spray. XTREME is NON HYGROSCOPIC, XTREME contains no kerosene, deiselene, mineral spirits or any petro chemical that attracts moisture as they evaporate, therefore XTREME’s evaporation rate is less than 1% and it does not attract moisture. XTREME last longer and works better than the WD type products.



    heavy-marineXTREME may be used for both indoors and outdoors as a protective coating on Anchor chains, ballast tanks, battery terminals, bilges, bolts, buoys, cables, caissons, container guides, couplings, cranes, engine rooms, deck equipment, elevator guide rails, equipment, gears, grey water tanks, ground tackle, guides, hatch coamings, hatch covers, hawsers, helical rods, hinges, hoists, inside rudders, keels, levers, lockers, locks, machinery, mast fittings, mud spikes, nuts, offshore platform and tools, open gears, outboard motors, pontoons, probe fittings, pulleys,rails, rollers, rope, sail slides, screw threads, sensors, shift linkages, skegs, sponsons, stabilizers, steam tubes, steering, steering linkages, tackle boxes, throttle linkages, thru hull fittings, undersea equipment, vehicles, voids, water tight door dogs, winches, windlass, wire. Trailers- springs, lighting, rollers, guides, and winch cables. In the NON AEROSOL use on Electronics, electrical connectors, electrical and non electrical connectors on current motors, Fuse panels.