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    BATTERYADE Battery Additive gives batteries supernatural capability. It is chemically engineered with proprietary additives designed to allow lead acid batteries to work at their optimum level of performance.  BATTERYADE is an electro-chemical catalyst that reduces internal resistance and optimizes battery output.


    What causes a battery to die or loose the ability to hold a charge?

    Sulfation kills over 75% of batteries.  From the beginning of a batteries life, sulfation crystals start forming on the lead plates inside a battery and it eventually suffocates them.  Over time the encapsulated lead plates reduce the available surface area for the electrolyte to create the chemical reaction required to make energy.  The sulfation buildup causes internal resistance which decreases battery performance and cranking power.  This is easily recognized when cold weather occurs.  Motors require more energy to start because the oil is thicker.  Batteries that are 1 to 3 years old have had sulfation building up on the lead plates during use, therefore they have less cranking power.  When cold weather occurs these batteries are subject to failure.  The same is also true with vehicles that are not used on a regular basis such as RV’s, boats, golf carts, collectable cars, construction & seasonal equipment.  Lack of use causes existing sulfation crystals to harden on the lead plates during the self discharge process, therefore the chemical reaction can no longer occur that allows the battery to create energy.   Trickle charging (2amp) or regular charging (6amp) all day will not breath life back into a heavily sulfated battery, this battery is presumed dead and will not come back on it’s own.


    The Solution-   BATTERYADE Battery Additive

    BATTERYADE Battery Additive is a must for treating new or used functional, wet cell, lead acid batteries.  Older batteries may have a dead cell because of heavy sulfation, broken hanger or a damaged separator in the battery.  Check older batteries to insure all cells are functioning with a hydrometer and load tester.   BATTERYADE will not bring back non functional batteries.  When you treat a new battery with BATTERYADE, it will adhere to the lead plates and internal parts of the battery to reduce sulfation from building up. BATTERYADE acts as a shield to prevent sulfation crystals from building up inside new batteries, as well as it dissolves existing sulfation on lead plates inside used batteries, during the recharge process.  BATTERYADE will extend battery life and enhance battery performance.  BATTERYADE is highly ionized, and existing sulfation is recycled back into electrolyte, and lead plate material.   If you are treating older batteries, please review the Treating Older Batteries process to maximum results.