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    1.  We do not recommend adding BATTERYADE Battery Additive to a used battery unless first testing each one of the battery’s cells with a hydrometer, after battery has been charged.  This will prevent you from wasting the product in a battery that could have one or more cells that have failed or shorted out.  Any battery that has one or more bad cells should be replaced with a new battery, becauseBATTERYADE Battery Additive cannot bring back bad or shorted out cells.


    2.  Charge battery with a 10-20 AMP Charger, then check the condition of each of the battery’s cells with a hydrometer.  The hydrometer tests for specific gravity.  A 12 volt battery has 6 cells with an opening at the top of the battery for each of the 6 cells.  You can purchase a hydrometer at most auto parts stores (Napa, AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, etc.).  It will tell you the condition of each one of the cells.  1.275 is the specific gravity of a battery cell that is in good condition, at full charge.   If the specific gravity of one or more of the battery’s cells measures 1.10 or below, means the cell is bad, and the battery needs to be replaced.  To make sure of the specific gravity of any cells are giving a true reading.  Discharge the battery, after the initial hydrometer test, then recharge battery again,  use the hydrometer again to test all the battery cells for a second time.  If the cells that were below 1.10 specific gravity for the first test, have shown improvement above 1.15, then adding BATTERYADE Battery Additive can drastically improve the battery’s ability to hold a charge and extend the battery’s life. If any of the cells measure 1.10 or below on the hydrometer, after being charged the second time, then the battery needs to be replaced, because any bad or shorted out cells cannot be repaired by addingBATTERYADE Battery Additive.