• Available in different sizes including:

    2 oz Needle Bottle(2N)
    2 oz Screw Top(2F)
    4 oz Needle Bottle(4N)
    4 oz Pump Spray(4P)
    5 oz Aerosol (GS-5A)
    11 oz Aerosol(11A)
    1 Gallon(1G)
    5 Gallon(5G)
    55 Gallon(5G)

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  • Motorcycles

    GS1000-group-long-tall-smallClutch Cables:

    GETSOME 1000(Use Needle Bottle) Anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, anti-wear liquid lubricant, hydraulics down cable and cleans out old residue while lubricating and protecting.  GETSOME 1000 contains NO Silicon, Graphite, petroleum or acids.  Will NOT turn black and wick thru braided cables and stain clothing, like other products on the market.


    Tachometer & Speedometer cables:

    GETSOME 1000(Use Needle Bottle) Anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, anti-wear liquid lubricant to reduce wear and maintain in good working order.


    Axle Lube:

    GETSOME 1000 Anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, anti-wear liquid lubricant.


    Caliper Seals:

    GETSOME 1000 Anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, anti-wear liquid lubricant when replacing or refitting caliper seals.


    new_bike_lowBrake & Clutch Lever Pivot Points:  

    GETSOME 1000 for lubricating points and maintaining function.  Does not effect plastic or painted surfaces.  


    Switches & Controls:

    GETSOME 1000 displaces moisture, lubricates to maintain working order on mechanical controls, and electronic switches.   GETSOME 1000 is non conductive and will not dry out or turn gooey.  


    Stop, Tail, Indicator & Side Lamp Sockets:

    GETSOME 1000 penetrates rust and oxidation while providing protection against moisture intrusion.   GETSOME 1000 is non conductive, and will not harm painted surfaces.



    GETSOME 1000 contains Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Wear Additives to protect the chain.  GETSOME 1000 is non static, so the chain stays clean.  Use GETSOME 1000 to clean, lubricate and protect all in one.   Does not a have a waxy finish.  Will not harm chain O rings.  Do not use as a Belt Dressing.


    Seats & Saddle Bag Protection:

    GETSOME XTREME Super Duty Anti-corrosion Lubricant with Pure Lanolin is excellent for protecting and preserving leather from rain and road grim. The water beads right off. Rejuvenates dryed out leather and restores the new look.  Caution:  Will darken natural leather because it is an oil base.


    Long Term Storage:  

    Use GETSOME XTREME on bike parts to protect from moisture and corrosion during long term storage.




    BATTERYADE Battery Additive. Stops and reverses sulphation build up in lead acid batteries allowing for better recharge for motorcycle batteries.  BATTERYADE can extend battery life up to 2-3 times longer.  Use in serviceable lead acid batteries