• Available in different sizes including:

    2 oz Needle Bottle(2N)
    2 oz Screw Top(2F)
    4 oz Needle Bottle(4N)
    4 oz Pump Spray(4P)
    5 oz Aerosol (GS-5A)
    11 oz Aerosol(11A)
    1 Gallon(1G)
    5 Gallon(5G)
    55 Gallon(5G)

  • GETSOME1000 Applications & Uses

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  • Slot Cars

    Axles, Bushings, Bearings, Gears:


    Anti-Static properties keeps your oilites cleaner, longer. Drag Racers can improve consistency while shaving time. GETSOME 1000 is great for all classes and all scales of slot cars.

    Motors: GETSOME 1000’s Anti-friction additive provides best lubrication for the fastest spinning armatures, bushings, and bearings.

    Braid: Clean and Lube in One Step. GETSOME 1000 is an all-in-one cleaner and conditioner for slot car braid. GETSOME 1000 replaces multiple products. Anti- corrosive, anti-static, anti-friction additives helps braid last longer and stay cleaner. Braid stays cleaner, longer in both Drag and Slot Racing.

    Chassis: GETSOME 1000 cleans and Protects all metal and plastic chassis and components.

    Controllers: Clean and Lube in One Step. All-in-one cleaner and conditioner for slot car controllers. Replaces multiple products. Anti-corrosive, anti-static, anti-friction helps controller last longer and stay cleaner. Smoothest controller with only one product.


    Before applying GETSOME 1000: Clean with lighter fluid to remove old oils and contaminants on bearings, axles, oilites, motors, chassis, controllers, and components.


    Braid: Apply 3 drops of GETSOME 1000 to each braid. Brush a few times. Wipe clean. Use on brand new braid too.


    Chassis: Apply thin coating of GETSOME 1000 for corrosion protection. Won’t remove patina on brass. Won’t damage plastic chassis.


    Motors: Use one drop each side of can and endbell. Controller: Wipe excess from controller wiper bands.


    Track: GETSOME 1000 won’t harm track surface – Use to clean track braid. Not recommended for brushes, or brush/commutator surface. Non-Staining, but always test on painted surfaces and decals. Try warm soapy water for slot car body cleaning, and in general on slot stuff to minimize chemicals GETSOME 1000 is environmentally friendly. No Petroleum Smell. No Toxic Solvents. No Silicon. No Graphite. Use on Modern and Vintage Slot Cars ALL Scales – GETSOME 1000 does not adversely impact: electrical connections, commutators, solder joints, lexan, rubber, plastic, spacers, gears, glued-on tires, track surface.